Bay Club Sanremo – About us
Corso Trento Trieste 12 Sanremo // Liguria
+39 348 3984066


Bay Club - Sanremo's disco on the water

A marvelous terrace overlooking the sea of Sanremo, the Bay Club is considered the flagship venue of the Riviera dei Fiori located a few steps from the center and the port. You can immerse yourself in an elegant disco on the water that offers a wide range of entertainment and comfort.

The location, unique of its kind, is characterized by fresh and bright colors, in perfect harmony between modernity and landscape. A suggestive entrance, large spaces for dancing or relaxing, areas reserved for tables and dedicated services, mixed with the ornamental greenery and the view of the sea on the horizon, which the structure overlooks, resting on the cliff.

The events are many and are concentrated mainly on the weekend, always addressing an adult and selected target and offering dance, pop, revival, hip hop or reggaeton music.


Sanremo is undoubtedly one of the pearls of Liguria as well as of the whole of Italy.
The city is located in a strategic position at the end of the western Ligurian Riviera, just a few kilometers from the capital, as well as from the principality of Monaco, with which it merges, representing a very popular front for foreign tourism together with Monte Carlo.

The busy beaches, the enchanting beauty of the historic center, the fame of the Casino and the Italian Song Festival, together with the multitude of services and proposals offered on a tourist level are just some of the aspects that make the “city of flowers” a unique place. to discover..

Service - Shisha

The Shisha Service is available with a selection of four types of different flavors to choose from:

- Mi Amor
- Lady Killer
- Love 66
- Hawaii

A smoking tool that can be shared at the table with friends, as each Hookah is equipped with multiple disposable nozzles that allow the object to be used by several people simultaneously



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